Transitions and Polarized Lenses


Transition lenses automatically adapt to your environment by turning dark when you are in the sun and turning light when you are indoors. All Transitions lenses protect you 100% from harmful UV light. There are three different types of Transitions to accommodate your need for darkness of the lens.

See Transitions in Action

Select the Right Transitions for You

  1. Original Transitions lenses: These lenses are completely clear indoors. They are available in gray or brown and a variety of materials such as shatter resistant polycarbonate.
  2. Transistions XTRActive lenses: These lenses have a light tint indoors but turn much darker than the "original" outdoors. Unlike the original it will turn moderately dark behind a windshield. It is the darkest everyday Transitions available.
  3. Transitions SOLFX Sunwear: These lenses start out as a dark sunglass but get even darker in bright sunlight. They come in a variety of tints for outdoor needs.

Color transition indoor to darkest outdoor color

Polarized Lenses

Normally light travels in all directions but when it hits a flat surface like glass or water it becomes polarized, you see it as annoying glare. Polarized lenses are designed to selectively remove the light that is most likely to become polarized and bothersome. They are great for driving, skiing or water sports. Polarized lenses are also good for foggy conditions, elderly patients (especially with cataracts), contact lens wearers and anyone who is sensitive to glare.

Polarized lenses dramatically increase your visual comfort and contrast while you are in the sun. Stop by our office for a demonstration of polarized lenses.


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