Progressive Lenses

A progressive addition lens (PAL), also called a "no-line bifocal" has an increasing gradient of lens reading power beginning below the central distance prescription and reaches full reading power near the bottom of the lens.

progressive eyeglass lens design

The progressive lens actually is a trifocal. It has an intermediate range, mostly used at computer distances, and it has no lines to get in the way. Once the user gets used to a progressive the vision becomes more natural than that of a bifocal. Drawbacks of a progressive lens versus a bifocal lens are a slightly more narrow reading area and some blur zones off to the sides with the progressive, but the user usually adapts to this very easily.

Customized Progressive Lenses at the Antelope Mall Vision Center Optometry
Essilor VisiOffice

The Visioffice can take up to 20 precise measurements for advanced customized lenses such as the Physio Enhanced Fit to create the most advanced, physiologically customized lenses ever made.

Our office offers high quality progressive Lenses that you will not find in the "big box" stores. We carry all the high end lenses manufacturers but our lens of choice is Essilor, who have been in business for over 150 years. In the last 8 years Essilor has spent 1.2 billion dollars on research, more than most other competitors combined. They invented the progressive lens in 1959 and still lead the market in the most innovative and comfortable lenses. Most importantly, their lenses are made with extensive patient feedback for the best wearing experience available.


These are some of the Essilor lenses we carry

Varilux S SeriesVarilux Comfort EnhancedVarilux Short
Varilux Physio FitVarilux Physio EnhancedVarilux Physio Short
New Varilux ComfortDefinityVarilux Ipseo
Varilux PhysioEssilor NaturalEssilor Ideal
Varilux EllipseVarilux SportVarilux Panamic
Essilor Computer

Varilux Lenses

Varilux lenses are a combination of two good things, technology and innovation, providing clear vision at all distances without the bifocal lines. With more than 300 million lenses sold worldwide, Varilux is the progressive lens brand that eye care professionals trust and recommend most.

Varilux lenses are specifically designed for people over 40 who experience presbyopia - a condition in which near vision (needed when reading, sewing or working at the computer) becomes increasingly blurred with age.

Varilux enables you to see near, far and everything in-between and look fabulous at the same time.

Introducing the Varilux S Series: A Revolution in Progressive Lenses

Varilux S Series offers the first line of digital progressive lenses that provides a real breakthrough in patient experience for both first-time and experienced progressive lens wearers. With 8 pending technology patents the Series lens offers the most advanced optics ever seen in a progressive. Click here to read more details on the Varilux S Series page.

Ranked #1 on every lens feature by real patients in independent studies, Varilux S Series is undeniably in a class of its own when it comes to addressing issues like swim, motion stability, expansive vision and personalization.


Varilux Comfort, Varilux Enhanced and Varilux Short

The Varilux Comfort is the bestselling progressive in the world with over 90,000,000 pairs sold. It was originally designed for immediate patient adaptation and ease of use by taking into consideration the natural postures of the wearer in his/her daily tasks. It provides a maximal visual comfort whatever the activities and has almost 100% patient adaptation rate. The newly redesigned comfort takes into consideration new demands with computer, MP3's and cell phone use.

The Varilux Comfort Enhanced incorporates optical adaptations to the lens based on the patient's prescription. It also takes into consideration other variables such as pupil size and uses more advanced optics to create a more clear viewing experience.

The Varilux Comfort Short is designed to fit into a small frame without sacrificing optical quality. Giving you the wide field of vision you want with no compromise in reading. Now you can choose your frame and not worry about your progressive fitting into them.


Varilux Physio, Varilux Physio Enhanced and Varilux Physio Short

With W.A.V.E. Technology™: Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement, the Varilux Physio lenses delivers high definition progressive vision at every distance. Every lens has minute imperfections that cause distortions and decreased clarity. Essilor has removed these imperfections using advanced optical and computer techniques. Standard progressives are created from a ceramic mold and then manufactured, making an imprecise copy, which introduces distortion. Essilor's computerized manufacturing process can duplicate the original design to 1/10 of a micron.

The result?

Distance Vision

  • 3x fewer optical distortions
  • 30% increased contrast sensitivity

Intermediate Vision

  • 30% wider fields of intermediate vision
  • Easier, more comfortable binocular vision when viewing peripheral objects

Superior Near Focus

  • 10% reduction in defocus

Watch a 3 minute video on the Physio Lens

The Varilux Physio Enhanced lens uses a more advanced W.A.V.E. 2 optical calculation that takes into consideration the patients pupil size in all light situations. This reduces glare and increases lens clarity even more. The custom Varilux Physio Enhanced Fit is the ultimate Physio Enhanced lens that is optimized for both the wearer's prescription and position of wear. This latest innovative design unlocks new potential and raises Varilux Physio Enhanced performance for the sharpest vision in any light condition and unmatched comfort in the near zone.

A person's visual performance is affected by changing positions of wear a gaze. This results in aberrations that affect visual performance. Lens personalization assures optimal vision for each patient - in each lens design.

At the Antelope Mall Vision Center we use the Visioffice device (below) to accurately measure your Physio Fit lenses.

progressive eyeglass lens design

The Varilux Physio Short is designed to fit into a small frame without sacrificing optical quality. Giving you the wide field of vision you want with no compromise in reading. Now you can choose your frame and not worry about your progressive fitting into them.

The Varilux Physio series lens delivers the sharpest, most natural progressive vision available today. Compare the Physio to its competitors (right). The "aberration" (dark blue and red) means distortion, less clarity and discomfort throughout the day.

Every day you use your eyes for almost every task you do. You spend about 16 hours a day, 365 days a year using your eyes - about 5840 hours. Why settle for an inferior progressive and vision for all those hours you can have superior, comfortable vision?


Varilux Ipseo

Because everyone's sight is unique, Essilor has created Varilux Ipseo New Edition lenses, progressive lenses designed to work in harmony with the wearer's vision and visual behavior. In order to adjust to every type of vision, Varilux Ipseo New Edition lenses feature the latest innovations:

  • The integration of ten measurements of visual characteristics: in order to determine the type of progressive lenses ideally suited to the wearer, the optician carries out precise measurements using specialized equipment to measure Eye rotational center, size and positioning of the chosen frames, and body position in relation to the object being viewed. A regular progressive only uses 2 measurements.
  • The Ipseo lens integrates a patented image stabilizer to ensure that all images are clear, even while moving. Varilux Ipseo New Edition progressive lenses are developed to order, on the basis of the visual "fingerprint", to give truly exceptional comfort! This can only be fit with an "Eyecode" instrument.


Essilor VisiOffice

Visioffice with Eyecode available at the Antelope Mall Vision Center Optometry

Essilor's Visioffice® with Eyecode

Having difficulty with your current progressives? The Visioffice can take up to 20 precise measurements for advanced customized lenses such as the Ipseo or Physio Enhanced Fit to create the most advanced, physiologically customized lenses ever made. Lenses that are 5 times more optically precise wherever the wearer's gaze passes through them.

The Visioffice can also take precise measurements for any Essilor lens to increase comfort and vision. It will answer your questions with clear video demonstrations to educate and recommend lenses with unsurpassed clarity for your unique prescription and lifestyle.

Here's how Visioffice customizes lenses for your eyes:

First, Eyecode device measures each Eye:
To focus, the eye rotates around a fixed point called the optical Eye Rotation Center.

  • Only Essilor's patented breakthrough technology measures the real three dimensional position of each eye's unique rotational center. Rotational center can vary by over 30% among individuals!
  • With Eyecode lenses, there is less astigmatism and power error. You get the most precise vision possible no matter where you look through the lens.

Secondly, Frame Data is taken

  • Eyecode lenses guarantee precise vision because it incorporates frame dimensions and how the frame fits on your face.

Lastly Behavioral Data completes the lens design

  • Eyecode data combines the real 3D position of the Eye Rotational Center plus the natural head posture to provide the best visual quality in each gaze direction. These measurements can vary widely among individuals.

EyeCode is:

  • 100% non-invasive - There is absolutely no physical contact with the eye during the measurement.
  • 100% precision - This patented digital measurement is extremely precise and repeatable.
  • 100% personalized - Once the measurement is taken, your optician provides Essilor's laboratory with your personal eye, frame and behavioral data which is used then in the lens calculation to ensure the highest lens-to-eye fidelity.

See a 4 minute demo of Eyecode


Summary of the Essilor Multipurpose Progressives

Varilux lens comparison chart


Essilor Specialty Progressives

Varilux Sport

The only progressive lens designed specifically for outdoor activities.
With an enlarged distance visual field and digitally surfaced to produce low peripheral distortions, the Varilux Sport provides enhanced dynamic vision (when you move your vision does not "swim") and give you optimized visual performance for all outdoor activities to give you an athletic edge.

Varilux Sport is a progressive eyeglass and prescription sunglass lens made for sports athletics

This lens is great for seeing fast-moving objects, such as tennis balls, with virtually no swim effect - even when you're moving.

A range of Varilux Sport lens tints are available to help with the specific demands of your outdoor activities, including:

BikingFishingSkatingAquatic SportsDriving
SkiingTennisGolfHikingRock Climbing
Mountain BikingHigh Altitude Activities


Varilux Sports come standard with Airwear material: Lightweight polycarbonate, shatter resistant and UV protection. Also available with Crizal Sun, the first anti-reflective coating designed specifically for sunwear, delivering enhanced comfort, durability, and ease of cleaning.


Essilor Computer Lens

Essilor Computer™ lenses are designed for task-specific wear by presbyopes (those over 40 who need help reading) who spend extended time at intermediate and near viewing. Benefits include:

  • Intermediate vision: wide and comfortable
    Essilor Computer lenses provide full screen vision at intermediate distance by accommodating a patient's natural posture and workspace ergonomics.
  • Near vision: smooth transition, near area is wide and provides a smooth transition for looking at the keyboard or documents.
  • Distance vision: functional and efficient (but not designed as a distance lens. See diagram right)
    As the most advanced computer lens available, Essilor Computer™ lenses offer clear vision at full distance to most patients, allowing for effective sight at all distances.

Essilor computer lens for computer users to prevent eye fatigue

Definity Dual Add Progressive (for an active lifestyle)

DEFINITY™ progressive lenses are the only Progressives that utilizes DUAL ADD® Technology, a patented, dual-surface, offset design which provides several distinct optical advantages: a wider intermediate zone, the least amount of peripheral distortion of any PAL and a unique zone of correction called GROUND VIEW ADVANTAGE™.

GROUND VIEW ADVANTAGE features a reduction in power which minimizes distortion and flattens the field of vision, giving wearers greater clarity when looking down.

Another significant benefit of DUAL ADD and GROUND VIEW ADVANTAGE is that these advantages become more pronounced as add power increases. As a result, DEFINITY remains the right solution for presbyopes as they age.

DEFINITY is the perfect lens for the active lifestyles of today's presbyopes. With the superior intermediate vision, DEFINITY makes computer use, driving or any other everyday activity more comfortable. With clearer vision when looking down, DEFINITY makes going up and down stairs, playing a casual golf or game of tennis, or navigating uneven surfaces easier. (Note: Sporting enthusiast who want total bias towards sports performance, we recommend Varilux Sport.)

Whether you golf, hike, play tennis, or just enjoy taking a stroll during your lunch break, DEFINITY® is the ideal progressive lens for you.

  • DEFINITY uses patented DUAL ADD® 2.0 Technology to create a progressive lens with the least amount of distortion,* which lets you see through more of the lens
  • DEFINITY is a progressive lens whose far, near, intermediate and unique GROUND VIEW ADVANTAGE™ more closely mimics your natural vision
  • DEFINITY works for those with an active life - golfing, biking, hiking and tennis

Summary: The Specialty Essilor progressives

Essilor eyeglass and sunglass lenses compare Varilux Sport, Definity, and Essilor Computer lenses


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