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Eyecare Services


Your vision is a precious gift that you want to keep your whole life. Annual eye examinations allow us at Antelope Mall Vision Center Optometry to improve the quality of your vision through proper lens prescriptions and also to understand the overall health of your eyes.

We provide personalized vision care with top quality advanced ophthalmic lenses, contacts and frames.

Eye Exams

We are open 6 days each week for eye examinations for children and adults. We can fit you for contact lenses, update your old eyeglass prescription, or even prescribe sports or safety eyewear. Read more about Eye Examinations.

Eyecare Technology

Our optometry office utilizes leading-edge technology to give our doctors the best understanding of your vision and eye health. Read more about Eyecare Technology.

LASIK Surgery

We can evaluate your compatibility with laser vision correction procedures including LASIK. And we can co-manage your care with top laser surgeons. Read more about LASIK Surgery.

Urgent Eye Care

Call us during normal office hours if you have urgent eye care needs at (661) 265-7515.