Essilor Computer and Anti-Fatigue Lenses

Changing Lenses for Changing Times

In the last few decades we have seen a fundamental change in the way we use our eyes. 100 million people in the United States at home, work and school now spend up to 50% of their day on their computers and cell phones (think texting) doing near work. About 70% of the population regularly uses the internet and play video games.

The American Optometric Association has reported that up to 75% of people will report some symptoms from this sustained near work during the day. Visual Fatigue symptoms vary widely with individuals but most people report the following:

  • Eyestrain
  • Tired Eyes
  • Blurred Vision
  • Headaches
  • Neck Pain

Visual Fatigue

Visual Fatigue is caused by a combination of factors. Poor lighting, stress, air conditioning (making your eyes dry) and ergonomics (do you turn your eyes to see your computer?) are also factors that will cause symptoms. Most people have some symptoms, 25% of the population have symptoms every day. 70% of people with symptoms already have been prescribed glasses but they are not taking away the symptoms.

In Response to this need and after much research Essilor has produced two lenses: The Essilor Computer lens and the Essilor Anti-Fatigue lens.

comparison of standard progressive eyeglass lenses with Essilor Computer and Essilor Anti-fatigue lenses

The Essilor Computer

This lens is a TASK SPECIFIC lens designed for sitting at a computer (cannot be used for driving). It is used for people who use progressive lenses or bifocals and are still having trouble at the computer. From the diagram above you can see a standard progressive has the distance viewing area straight ahead (green area). Unfortunately when you look at a computer at near you are looking through this area and not getting any "help" from the lens unless you tilt your chin up (and get neck strain) or you can rearrange your desk and computer to look downwards at your screen through the near viewing area. Still, a standard progressive has a much smaller "intermediate" area where you would view a computer. As a rule, the more "premium" progressive have much better optics and larger reading zones. Always get the best lens possible to avoid headaches and eyestrain. Many people with premium progressives do very well all day long at the computer - but not everyone.

The Essilor Computer Lens rearranges the viewing area for computer users.

  • It contains a large intermediate viewing area (red area in diagram above) designed to offer full coverage of the screen area.
  • The lens powers are specifically tailored for clear screen vision and frequent movements from keyboard to screen to surroundings.
  • A small distance viewing area to look across the room.

The design was based on user observations. The lenses let you keep a natural posture: a 30° angle between the positions for viewing keyboard and screen.

The Essilor Anti-Fatigue

Unlike the Essilor Computer lens the Anti-Fatigue lens can be used all day and is not "task specific". This lens is used for people between ages 18 to 40 who do not require a progressive or bifocal lens but still suffer from tired eyes at work. The Anti-Fatigue lens has the distance vision exactly as in a regular single vision lens throughout the lens but with a slight power variation in bottom (diagram above, right, near power in yellow) part of lens to give some comfort in near vision, preventing and relieving visual fatigue.

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