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Safety Glasses & Occupational Eyewear

Protective Eyewear

At the Antelope Mall Vision Center Optometry we carry ANSI standard safety glasses for your industrial or home needs. We will work with your employer’s insurance to get your safety eyewear supplied to you through their specialty lab.

Titmus Hudson Optical UVEX Sperian

  • Hudson Optical
  • Sperian
  • Titmus
  • UVEX

Impact Resistant Safety

Of course we offer shatter resistant polycarbonate and super hard Trivex lenses with many coating selections for your comfort and convenience.



Double D specialty lens allows wearers to look up and down in near visual areas
Lens for looking up and down at near

Occupational Vision Zone

We also carry many occupational lenses as well, such as:

  • The “double D” bifocal or occupational lenses for those of us with special needs:

This lens can be used for looking up and down at near. This is a great lens for people in manufacturing.

  • The Essilor computer progressive lens:
    • Intermediate vision: wide and comfortable
      • Essilor Computer lenses provide full screen vision at intermediate distance by accommodating a patient’s natural posture and workspace ergonomics.
    • Near vision: smooth transition
      • Near area is wide and provides a smooth transition for looking at the keyboard or documents.
    • Distance vision: functional and efficient (but not designed as a distance lens. See diagram right)

As the most advanced computer lens available, Essilor Computer™ lenses offer clear vision at full distance to most patients, allowing for effective sight at all distances.