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Kids Eyewear

At Antelope Mall Vision Center Optometry we have a large selection of eyeglasses specifically designed for kids. Our brand and designer name eyeglasses are made with a child’s sense of style in mind and without sacrificing the importance of durability and quality. Your child will feel great about wearing their glasses to school knowing they are looking their best.

Our staff opticians are dedicated to providing well fitted quality eyeglasses for your child. We will strive to give your child the best fitting, best looking, and most comfortable pair of glasses possible.

Combined with our high quality laboratories and Essilor lens products, such as Essilor Airwear lenses and Anti Reflection, you can be assured your child is receiving some of the highest quality brands available.

Download a brochure for Parents about Crizal for Kids.

Is your youngster hard on their glasses? You can worry less when you trust us with your eyewear needs. As with all our eyeglasses, they are backed by a one year warranty. Check with our staff for details.

Eyewear Styles Kids Want

This is a sample of some of the brands we carry:

Jelly Bean eyewear Lucky Brand IZOD Converse Oakley eyewear Flexon Ocean Pacific - Op Ray-Ban frames & sunglasses Altair U-Turn by Marchon Ralph Lauren Rec Specs / Liberty Sport

  • Altair
  • Converse
  • Flexon
  • IZOD
  • Jelly Bean
  • Lucky Brand
  • Oakley
  • Ocean Pacific – Op
  • Nine West
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Ray-Ban
  • Rec Specs / Liberty Sport
  • U-Turn

There is more to a pair of glasses than just the frame and lens

Benefits of Crizal coatings for Kids:

Does your child look at computers, TVs or whiteboards daily? Quickly wear out their lenses with lots of scratches? Ever complain of headaches or tired, watery eyes? Have a hard time keeping their glasses clean?

Crizal lenses reduce glare so kids see clearly and sharply. Regular lenses reflect up to EIGHTEEN PERCENT of light, reduce clarity by scratching and smudging easily and can give your child eyestrain.

    • On the playing field, Crizal coatings can help with fine motor skills, like hitting a baseball
    • At school, where fluorescent lights are common, Crizal coatings will stave off eye fatigue
    • At home or in the library, wherever computers are used, Crizal coatings can help protect your child’s vision

Crizal coatings will also help keep their lenses in good shape with scratch and smudge resistance and allow 99% of light to pass through the lens (vs. as little as 82% with standard uncoated lenses). Combine this with “Airwear”, thin and light polycarbonate lenses for shatter resistance and 100% UVA and UVB protection for the ultimate in protection and comfort.

Kids and Sunglasses

80% of UV damage to the eye occurs before age 18. Most people don’t recognize that sunglasses not only protect the eyes but the delicate skin of the eyelids and surrounding areas. UV exposure early in life can cause skin cancers to these areas later on in life.

We recommend sunglasses with UV protection for all youth outdoor sporting activities. This should be combined with safe shatter resistant polycarbonate lenses for protection against impact as well as the harmful rays of the sun. At the Antelope Mall Vision Center we have a great selection of attractive sunglasses and safety sports glasses for your child’s needs.