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    Designer Sunglasses

    At Antelope Mall Vision Center Optometry we can give you the latest styles and technologies to help you look great and see great in the sun. We carry a wide variety of designer sunglasses to help protect you from the elements and we can customize your prescription seamlessly into most frames.

    We also use the latest lens technologies to increase your vision and comfort during your activities:

    • We use special lenses ground on specially designed equipment for those form fitting frames that "wrap" around the face. The result: Your lenses look great in your frame and they don't pop out. This allows people with higher prescriptions to use stylish custom sunglasses.
    • Tints: a multitude of tints for different sports including polarized for reducing glare of surfaces such as water.
    • Anti glare and reflection: Crizal with Scotchgard and Crizal Sun for the ultimate in reduced reflections, scratch resistance, cleanability.
    • Safe Lenses - a shatter resistant poly carbonate material that is 12 times stronger than regular plastic to protect your eyes during sports eyewear.
    • Sports progressive (Varilux Sport): specifically designed progressive addition lens to allow unfettered distance vision while still giving a usable reading section. For those over forty who need help reading up close.

    Designer Sunglasses

    Below is a sample of the designer eyewear we carry in sunglasses:

    Swarovski Ray-Ban frames & sunglasses Oakley eyewear Tiffany and Co. eyewear Dolce Gabbana eyewear Versace eyewear Ralph Lauren Fendi eyewear Valentino frames Michael Kors eyeglasses Persol Nine West eyeglasses Nichole Miller Wiley X BCBGMAXAZRIA Coach eyewear John Varvatos Bebe Spy Lacoste Prada eyewear Caviar eyewear Vera Wang Cazal eyewear Silhouette eyewear Chesterfield eyewear Liu.Jo Dragon Nikki

    • Bebe
    • Caviar
    • Cazal
    • Chesterfield
    • Coach
    • Dolce Gabbana
    • Dragon
    • Fendi
    • John Varvatos
    • Lacoste
    • Liu.Jo
    • Michael Kors
    • Nikki
    • Nichole Miller
    • Nine West
    • Oakley
    • Persol
    • Prada
    • Ralph Lauren
    • Ray-Ban
    • Silhouette
    • Spy
    • Swarovski
    • Tiffany
    • Valentino
    • Vera Wang
    • Versace
    • Wiley X


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