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We have combed the optical market for the best Value in frames to deliver to our patients. Not the most inexpensively made, but the best design, style and construction for your money. Combine this with our good optical quality value lenses and optional anti-glare coatings and you get a GREAT VALUE. Starting at just $79 for a frame with standard CR-39 plastic lens you can have a stylish pair of glasses!

If you want to upgrade to a thinner lens with anti-glare for increased comfort compare our "premium" Polycarbonate Value Package with the leading big box retailer. Polycarbonate is thinner, lighter and more shatter resistant (safer) than a regular plastic lens. Our Polycarbonate Value package gives you more for less!

Polycarbonate Lens
Anti Reflection Coat  $60.00
Polycarbonate Aspheric Lens
(better optics/thinner)
Anti Reflection Coat


Sorry, Essilor lenses or Crizal coatings are not available in Value Packages

Most but not all prescriptions available. Powers between +4.00 to -6.00 sphere and lower than -2.00 cyl. Are usually available but some types of lenses may have expanded parameters. Please see our office for details. Cannot be combined with insurance or other offers.

example value eyeglass frame choices


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